Google’s “Teachable Machine” Allows Any User to Train an AI

Google launched an experiment called Teachable Machine. It makes it easier for anyone to start exploring how machine learning works, just from their internet browser and no coding required.

Despite the recent hustle and bustle of artificial intelligence finally conquering human intelligence, but the machines and knowledge about AI is currently far from that goal, So Google’s ‘Teachable Machine’ project is hoping to close that gap, The game ‘Teachable Machine’ allows any user with a camera to help train image recognition algorithm by associating user behavior with various silly images.

The game is very simple. First, the user is instructed to wave their hand while pressing the green button, which teaches the the program to bring GIF of a random cat when wave happens. Next, the user just has to sit down and do nothing while holding the purple button, which in turn teaches the machine when users aren’t inputting anything. Once done, no more buttons are necessary — the algorithm will automatically recognize whether the user is waving and send the related cat GIF.

You can start teaching your machine at


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