Marketing Concept & Business Orientation

Marketing Concept

It is a philosophy that companies should analyze the needs of their customers then make the decisions to fulfill those needs, doing it is better than competition. Today, most firms have adopted the marketing concept in term of fulfilling the customers’ needs and wants. Producers’ needs should be considered with what are the customers’ needs and wants. If producers know what are the trend in the market from customers, its mean producers have to know the need of customers then the needs will be fulfilled by the producers. So, this is called marketing concept.

Business Orientation

The orientation in the business covers different dimension but it depends on the purpose what it serves. It refers to the marketing orientation, to employee orientation, to production orientation, or to customer orientation.

Marketing orientation

As all the companies know that customers are their main instrument to run the business perfectly. Customers are knowledgeable about the variety and quality of good available in the market place. Businesses base their decisions on the needs and wants of the customers by conducting research and producing goods and services that satisfy the customers. it is said to be marketing orientation.

Employee orientation

Basically, it is the process of introducing a new employee to the job. Moreover, it is done by reading up the paperwork and signing the important contract forms. New employees are introduced to the company profile,goals and rules and duties to perform for the smooth running of the organization.

Production orientation

It simply focuses on the production development. It focuses on improving the existing products’ quality and variety for making business more competitive in the market. It also focuses on the efficiency of production and reduced the production cost.

Customer orientation

It is based on the philosophy that customers are always right. Particularly, businesses suggest remarkable services to the customers and always seek the strong customer relations. Businesses ensure that customers should be respectful and interconnected with the organisation.

I think, now there will be no complicated situation to understand what is “Business orientation” after reading out this article. (Thank you)

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