Marketing Information System

Asalamu Alaikum..! This is Zohaab Ahmed, I am going to write an article about Marketing Information System(MIS). This term is mostly used in all the organization, it consists of people, equipment, procedures to evaluate the needed information for all the marketing decision makers. Marketing Information System is totally helpful to the market managers. First, it interacts the managers to explore their needed information. Next. this needed information comes from internal record of the company, marketing intelligence activities and marketing research process. finally, MIS plays its main role of distributing the information to the market managers at the right time and in the right form to help them in marketing planning, implementing to solve the problem.

Market Intelligence

It is concerned to the everyday information about developments in marketing environment for preparing and to maintain the marketing plans.

Internal Records

 It’s mean gathering information from the sources within the company in order to evaluate the problems and detecting the marketing problems and opportunities. Moreover, most marketing managers use internal records and reports regularly. Internal records source is usually quicker and cheaper to get the information than other source of getting information.

This is the starting point from my side for writing articles about marketing subject. I will be writing further articles in coming days about “Marketing subject” on the basis of my own words.                                                                                                                                                                          (THANK YOU)

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