Android O will be launch on August 21, day of Solar Eclipse

Google has announced that it will reveal the name of its latest operating system “Android O” on August 21 after the Solar Eclipse in the US. On August 21st, a solar eclipse will sweep across the entire United States for the first time since 1918. This will start at 2.40PM Eastern Standard Time (EST), Google also mentioned that it will also host a live streaming of solar eclipse and final name revealing from New York. – Source


Image of Google’s Android O release page.
Image of Google’s Android O release page.


The teaser video, which was published by Google via its Google+ account was “GoogleOreo_Teaser …” which was the quick reference to suppose the name “Oreo” but later this post got deleted and the new post with the file name of “OctopusTeaser.mp4” has come and then the name was changed to “OatmealCookie_Teaser.mp4”, “OrangeSherbet_0818.mp4” and then “Orbit_Teaser_0818.mp4”, which is also deleted. Looks like Google is playing a game.

Google promised about the new features like improved battery life, picture-in-picture option for apps like YouTube, Google Duo.

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