India required Smartphone makers to submit security measures.

India’s electronics and IT departments required 21 smartphone makers (mostly Chinese mobile phone operators) to report to them what measures and processes they takes to ensure that the data is not stole or leak, according to foreign media reports.

A senior official in the department said that these smartphone manufacturers, including global mobile phones such as Apple and Samsung, China Mobile phones such as Oppo, vivo, millet, Lenovo and Jin Li , as well as Indian local mobile phones such as Micromax, are required to specify How they use security measures, constructs, frameworks, guides, and standards to ensure data transfer and storage security. Whether these mobile phone manufacturers in India to create their mobile phones, or from other places to import mobile phones, they must explain the above information.

“Because users use mobile phones to store personal information and make digital payments, so we need to ensure the safety of mobile phones or smart phones.” The official said.

He added that the Indian government will confirm the authenticity of the information, once found that mobile phone business does not meet the safety standards, it will take stringent punitive measures.

Under the Indian IT Act, any company must ensure that the user’s data is secure. Companies that violate this rule will be punished by the national arbitration authorities with a fine of 50 million rupees and no ceiling.

Most mobile phone operators said they have not received any notice. Apple and Samsung and many other companies said they agreed to report their protection of user privacy program.

In the international and Indian domestic, mobile phone contact list and SMS leaked cases have occurred. Moreover, people are worried that their data is stored in foreign servers, because many manufacturers selling mobile phones in India did not put the servers in India.

Another official added that the existing security standards could not solve the current security problems, so the Indian government will decide whether to improve safety standards and enforce.

According to Indian government statistics show that in the last fiscal year ended in March, a total of 3.74 billion US dollars worth of mobile phones imported to India. Worth 900 billion rupees of mobile phones are produced in India. About 54% of India’s smartphone market occupied by Chinese mobile phone operators, including millet, Lenovo, Oppo and vivo. Other cards, such as American and European mobile phone operators and Voto also preparing to enter the world’s fastest growing smartphone market. According to the Indian industry alliance to a new research report shows that Chinese investment in India’s electronics and information technology products have been close to $ 22 billion.

“The crackdown by the Indian government will affect the future development of China’s smartphone manufacturers in India, because these mobile phone business in order to highlight the individual, the Android operating system has undergone great changes.” Market research firm Canalys analyst Sabah – Dushi (Rushabh Doshi) said.

He added that if the Indian government to crack down on unqualified software, then it will greatly affect their mobile phone business. “Mobile phone vendors need to quickly introduce security upgrades to ensure that the phone is safe and available.”

In a letter dated August 14, the Indian government computer emergency response team asked the mobile phone operators to submit relevant information on August 28, including mobile phones, operating systems, browsers and pre-installed applications, and so on.

The official said the test and verify the work of the phone will be carried out in India. To this end, the Indian government is upgrading its existing experimental testing equipment. He added that it was because of the frequent media coverage of user data leaks, the Indian government decided to take such action.

The official also said that in the Indian government’s “digital India” program, smart phones play an important role, because their penetration has been as high as 65-75%. People “have a sense of trust in the convenience and efficiency of these phones.” Therefore, we need to ensure their safety.

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