Most Common Dialogues During Exams

Most Common Dialogues During Exam:

  1. Saale kitna likhega.. ?? :-/
  2. Yar mjhe sub yad hy bus revise nahi keya.:-)
  3. Abe zor se bol na kuch sunai nahi de raha… :-p
  4. Maam I was asking for the eraser…  :->
  5. Bata na yar koi nahi dekh raha..  🙁
  6. Yaar ye kon sa question hay.. ??
  7. Lag gayi bhai aaj, paper pora out aaya hay :B
  8. Ya Allah bus is baar paas hojaun.. Kasam say.. next time acche se parhae karunga..!! 😀
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