LG Reveals New roll-up Screen

LG is known for many products including divisions in home appliances, televisions and mobile phones. While the company is very diverse, LG has not been able to place themselves apart from other giants in these industries like GE, Apple or Sony.


New emerging technology in screens may finally place this company apart with the possibility of diverse applications. The screens use OLED or Organic Light Emitting Diode technology which allows the screens to bend. This is different from traditional LED’s which use positive and negatively doped silicon. Silicon gives the rigidity to the screen with the crystalline structure. Organic LED’s use polymers that have semiconducting properties. The polymers used give the screen the structural freedom. While the screen can bend this does not mean they are meant for sharp bends or creases. The screens are also very thin with a thickness of 0.97 mm and can be moved easily from room to room with the ability to be attached to magnets. Fortunately, the magnets do not interfere with the image quality.



According to LG Display, the panel, which is paper-thin, can be rolled up like paper to a radius of three centimeters without ever affecting its functionality.


This technology is expected to be used in televisions, phones and tables that will allow the screens to bend and will also prevent the screen from cracking if these products are dropped. While the display may not be broken, other structural attributes of the products may be damaged. Phone applications of this technology has already been promised by Samsung to be released in 2015. Specifically, Samsung looks to make between 30,000 and 40,000 flexible displays per month by the end of the year. Both LG and Samsung are also working on batteries that can bend with the attached screens. Consumers will have to wait and see which company produces a better quality screen.


LG Display uploaded a video to YouTube showing the screen in action.


Sources:  CNET

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